Leigh for Montana

Candidate’s Statement

My name is Leigh Verrill-Rhys and I am standing for the Montana Legislature, House District 48 (HD48).

Although I am a recent resident of the Treasure State, I am aware of the trends in our communities, and our country, toward a more centralized and concentrated government bureaucracy which limits the rights of citizens to govern their own lives, their children’s education, determine who will be admitted into this nation and who will pay for the healthcare of our neighbors.

I was born in Maine, grew up in California and lived in Wales for thirty-two years. My ancestry includes 15 generations of the rocky-soil farmers of Maine as well as the dairy farmers of Pennsylvania. I am the proud mother of three young men with six grandchildren. I am proud to be the daughter of a World War II veteran, Thomas, and his incredibly strong wife, Virginia, who followed him across the U.S. with five children in tow and rationing in place as he was reassigned to bases as far afield as Georgia, Louisiana and California.

I am standing for public office for the first time in my life and asking for your help to prevent the political narrative that has destroyed the once gracious and prosperous Golden State and turned it into a swamp of poverty and disease.

For more information and how you can help, please see First Words and contact me with your concerns and ideas on Voters’ Concerns.